Hazy History

Last night I had a strangely vivid and enjoyable dream. I found myself in the 1970s wearing a brown wool coat, brown skirt and brown across the body messenger bag, walking the streets of what was presumably London and attending an illegal exhibition about feminism. Cute outfit idea and illegal feminist museum visit aside, my dream involved an initiative to get more women to use the London Underground (was this some weird dystopian The Handmaid’s Tale/1970s Britain crossover?) and I got on the wrong train, finding myself stranded on at an empty, very white, very scary station.

Anyway. Pondering over this dream today led me to look up some images of the London Underground in the 1970s. As the summer term draws to a close and I have nothing else to do but put off the last bits of homework I have and spend hours reading obscure Wikipedia pages…

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