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One of my favorite animals.

As you probably
still remember (not)
my several cutting edge (not)
posts about bears….

I won’t bore you with the
conventional pictures of
mooching pic-a-nic baskets
at the local National Forest….

nor will I be making any
more lame puns about
can’t bear this,
bare-ly that,
and going bare here or there.

or, for that matter,
will I describe anything
related to bears as a real honey.

No, my plan is to bore you
with something completely
different —
— lame trivia.

Ok, so I don’t really think
it’s lame once you hear
this story…

Pretty surprising
and cool, actually.

I can’t speak for the pictures
I end up attaching
on the post, though —

I mean, they kinda
choose themselves
from the mailbag,
and I just try
to make them
make sense somehow.

Anyhoo —
back to that very surprising…

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