Eddie the Night Monkey

Those amazing guys at Art on the Underground have done it again !


What a character and what a story !

This is what their website has to say

For the second edition of the Night Tube pocket map Art on the Underground have commissioned London-based Filipino artist Pio Abad to create a new work for the cover. Abad has taken inspiration from an unusual item he found in Transport for London’s Lost Property Office. The stuffed gorilla, complete with his Hawaiian shirt, is one of the most unusual objects to be found on the London Underground and invites questions as to how he was forgotten. Abad has drawn a portrait of the stuffed toy in a detailed linear style, using many of the recognisable colours of the Tube lines. Eddie, as the gorilla is fondly called by the staff at the Lost Property Office, becomes a mascot of the unexpected encounters of nocturnal London.

How was the gorilla lost, why the Hawaiian shirt ?  Where is the owner ? There has got to be a story there but in the meantime we have a great poster. In London next week and cant wait to se the Eddie poster ‘in the flesh’


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