Amazing new posters from the North West

I mentioned before about the revamp of the 1930s block technique for the modern age. There have been one or two notable efforts for London Underground and Virgin Trains

Artist Nicky Thompson has now gone one better : and got himself a commission for 14 railway and town themed posters for the North West of England

The results are really rather good !

Artist Nicky Thompson said: “The posters draw on the work of Frank Henry Mason, one of the most influential poster designers of this era. In their day, these posters with their strikingly bold colours and experimental flat design were quite different and new. What is unarguable is that they were highly effective in creating an aspirational sense of adventure that drew city-dwellers to explore the countryside. I’m an Ellesmere Port lad, and as a Cheshire resident, it has been a total pleasure to produce the artwork for these posters. I hope everyone enjoys them.”

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Intriguingly, most posters also feature an image of a bird.

We had to have a favourite and of course its this one for Chester Zoo

Chester poster.PNG

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