Swann Auction tomorrow

With the demise of Christies, Swann is at the forefront of poster sales, and tomorrow’s auction promises to be a big one !

This Games caught our eye : with an estimate of $4,000 to $5,000 these are now getting quite expensive

A Games Swann.PNG

Also catching the eye is this protest poster by Cris Gianakos, think I need some more powerful text on this one or am I missing the point


More from the auction : It is huge! but thanks to Swann’s 3d brochure its easy to navigate.

Its massively war focused at the front end with more traditional offerings in second half. Its also a huge Brit fest !

Out of the 600 plus lots there must be a hundred from blighty. Our old friends are there

I give you Zero, Keely and Padden

And also this glorious anomaly by ANON, someone out there must know the artist !!


Lets find out what they go for tomorrow, its going to be interesting !

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