The American connection : Bill Jones

Having cruised across the Atlantic in my last post, I thought that I should look at the contribution of the US of A to the poster world.

What better place to start than the catalogue for last week’s Swann Auction. The on line cat. itself is fantastic both in layout and content. (Makes this blog look rather homespun)

Moving through a slew of wartime propaganda the first genuine ‘American’ poster that I came across is this motivational poster which seems very appropriate for the 20’s crash era of the Great Depression.

Much to my surprise I found that Bill Jones was British and his design concepts were taken up and much loved by the Americans !


So Rockwell aside the search continues for the great Mid Century poster artist from across the pond.

Just a note on values, the Swann poster was going for around £300, there were a number of Jones posters on Ebay UK recently for £50 so still bargains to be had.

Lets not forget that the majority of 21st Century quality posters hail from the USA and the standard of the art schools over there is phenomenal so as with most things they eventually got it right !

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