Cruising for a glamorous new future : Odin Rosenvinge


By the romantically named Odin Rosenvinge

Odin Rosenvinge was born in Newcastle-upon-Tyne in 1880 of Danish descent. After leaving school, he joined a Leeds commercial art and printing firm where he started to paint marine subjects. When he was thirty-two, he moved to Liverpool and joined the firm of Turner and Dunett who had all the major shipping companies as clients. He served in the Middle East during World War I. In the 1930’s, his employers went into liquidation and he went freelance, becoming one of the most celebrated poster and postcard artists.

So one of the most commercially successful poster artists of all was a northerner working from Newcastle, Leeds and Liverpool.

Cunard were an amazing organisation from the last century, taking thousands of families to a new life in the USA, Australia and most particularly Canada. Their influence can still be seen in Liverpool’s dockside today.

Pop quiz : what is the order of value for the 7 posters featured so far ?

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