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And of course a good posterblog wouldn’t be complete without reference to our heros Heniron and Games who both were inflenced by and had influence on the symbol.

The Speedbird is the stylised emblem of a bird in flight designed in 1932 by Theyre Lee-Elliott as the corporate logo for Imperial Airways. It became a design classic and was used by the airline and its successors – British Overseas Airways Corporation and British Airways – for 52 years.

Theyre Lee-Elliott was a graphic artist and painter working in London in the 1930s.

The Speedbird is among his best known works. The minimalist, stylish and avant-garde design representing a bird in flight it is instantly recognisable and has a timelessly modern appeal.[6]

Lee-Elliott was influenced by the avant-garde work of Edward McKnight Kauffer and the logo echoes Kauffer’s angular…

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