The swish of a curtain, the smell of a cigar, red faced colonels face flushed complaining about their gout.

Hats : trilby’s school caps, governesses in tweed.

The scene from an Agatha Christie novel or your typical Imperial Airways pre war crowd?

For British aviation posters, Imperial captures the imagination like no other brand

Their are three interesting examples at auction currently by Dominic Winter

Lets dive in a little more:

The first example is by our old friend Lee Elliot (see Speedbird logo post)

Imperial Airways 2

Its got everything you need in a poster : simple, effective , cool graphics and understandable.

The second is a route map by Laslo Moholy Nagy (must dig further!)

On the face of it, a simple design but it keeps the attention (i covered map posters before and was slightly derogatory : time for a rethink perhaps?)

Imperial airways 3

The final offering from Winters is this route…

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