Record breaking posters

Lets kick off with two great posters one from contrasting artists. One a member of the avant garde the other a precise Royal Academician, famed for his meticulous work and pictures of boats

Alexandre Alexandrovitch Alexeieff when he wasn’t making amazing posters was also credited with the invention of the pinscreen; not sure what that is, will look it up post haste. Hmmm its one of those things that you put your hand on and leaves an impression. Yikes!

Wilkinson apart from his celebrated watercolour work was also an expert in dazzle camouflage. Correction : poster is by Phillip Zec

These seem to be among the most expensive railway posters in the world (data from Onslows)


The Night Scotsman sold for £10,000 in 1996 and the Night Train sold for £16,000 in 2010




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