Eric Fraser LOTR

When looking into the Fraser ouvre on Lord of The Rings, the task at first seemed daunting, so much detail required to satisfy the Tolkeinites (is that a thing) or is it simply Ringers  ?

So after some thought I decided to turn to plagiarism, luckily I was able to turn to Brian Sibley’s fantastic blog on the subject ‘Drawn to the Rings’ from 2013.

In the blog Brian explains that Fraser started his association with work in 1977 on the folio societies version of LOTR

These are powerful black and white images almost scratched into the paper.

He then continued with the Hobbit two years later

These images are evern more other worldly and mix sci fi with a feel of norse mythology.

Brian conveys the excitement generated when he heard that there there was going to be a Radio Times cover, and what a cover it was


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