Then and Now Brightest London

Took this on the last visit to LTs peerless Museum

LT then and now brightest London

I love the juxtaposition of old and new, it links well with the Sounds of the City post from last week showcasing contemporary designs

The RH poster is from 1924 (nearly 100 yrs ago !!). Horace Taylor’s colourful design shows a party of sophisticated diners being entertained by dancers at a City function.

Horace Taylor started his career as a stage designer and cartoonist for the Manchester Guardian. From 1922 he focused almost entirely on commercial art, designing posters for a number of clients including the Underground and Empire Marketing Board

The LH poster is by leading illustrator Virginie Morgand celebrate the very best of London after dark, with scenes depicting Londoners enjoying themselves at clubs, theatre, restaurants and bars.
Inspired by hands-on printing techniques and the things she collects, such as children’s books and collectible toys, Virginie Morgand uses hand drawn shapes and bright colours to create vibrant images full of life and energy.

The posters went on display in early 2016 throughout the city at bus stops and in London Underground stations, as both paper posters and on the digital live network.

About the Artist
Based in Paris, Virginie’s background is in animation but, having learnt how to screen print at L’atelier Dupont, she has developed her own visual language as an illustrator working to brief for a growing number of clients. Recent projects include campaigns for Le Meridien, Martigues music and dance festival, children’s books for book publishers MeMo and also Wide Eyed Editions, illustrations for Barneys in New York, The Sunday Times, Elle Magazine, Transport for London, Little White Lies and front covers for L’Instant Parisien, Ballroom Review. The Parisianer and Erratum. Recent exhibitions include solo shows in Portugal and Paris.

Here is some more of her work

Virgine Morgande

And one more from the venerable Horace

Taylor empire.PNG

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