Bicycle posters : Tour de Force

Lets get it out there : French Cycle posters are the best.

Google Cycle affiche and they are all there : hundreds of them.

How about this little beauty ? From a certain angle it looks like a bunch of ice lollies ………. which on a warm July day would come in handy in the peleton


Cycle Dunlop

Or this stone cold classic from G Favre ?

Cycle G Favre.PNG

Favre also did the Lion eating bicycle poster of shower curtain fame from an earlier post

I think we have mentioned before that despite his genius, there is no biography … anywhere. I did find a reference to Malika Favre also French and responsible for this.

Malika Favre

I digress

So what about the humble British bike poster : I have blogged about Raleigh Lion vs Boy and the Frank Newbould Swift preppy pre war, what else ?

I think this Rudge poster deserves to make the cut : obviously a good way of picking the correct spare is palm reading … who knew

Cycle Rudge.PNG

Hope you enjoyed my little tour …. up next I have some interesting Motor Bike stuff from the 1950s

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