December 2015

Kauffer vs Eckersley showdown

Edward Mcknight Kauffer and Tom Eckersley Two colossus (es)? of 20th Century design , one starting in the teens, the other going into the 80s so 60 years covered. Both exquisite, peaking in 1930s London Underground efforts.   I have a fine example of Kauffer’s 1930s output for sale right now

Magical Shell part 1

The Shell Advertising Poster 1920–1953 Introduction The first Shell advertising poster was produced in 1920. Posters were displayed on the side of the delivery lorries transporting cans of fuel to customers across the country (see figure 1). These posters became known as Lorry Bills. Lorry Bills are characteristic of Shell’s advertising during the 1920s and …

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Zero rising

Just a little note, I blogged about the artist Zero the other week. One of his posters for the Central Line Extension that I featured had beenn selling for around £150 over the last few years, I guess because it was post war and generally pre war make the big bucks ! Anyway a copy …

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Graphics everywhere

Vintage inspired graphics are everywhere these days. Spotted on a recent Christmas shopping trip 1953 by Kerry Lee in case you were wondering, her’s a better view Also does a menu have any right to look this good ? Has anyone else got some cool graphics to share ?

Zero Tollerance

The answer to my last post was Zero : Hans Schleger who was responsible for some of the most effective British posters of the mid 20th Century     Hans Schleger was a pioneering graphic designer, whose influential work developed the idea of corporate identity. He began his career in Berlin, as a publicity and …

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