Auction Madness

There have been so many auctions recently, literally thousands of posters

Van Sabben had a huge array, I have just picked out a couple, one by an artist that I had not heard of before.

Wilmink Lloyd-Rapide-Marseille
Wilmink Lloyd Rapide 1,920 Euro
Chagall Paris-l'Opéra
Chagall 1,200 Euro

I would like to find out more about Chagall as a poster artist, he and Picasso are probably the most celebrated of all

Personally I preferred the Drewatt / Bloomsbury auction where I managed to bag 4 lots (1 unintentionally !, don’t tell my nearest and dearest), including this Tristan Hillier for a very reasonable price.

Hillier Shell

Maybe I can finally get on and cover the Shell series properly


Talking of auctions, Onslows to follow later this week…. got to feel sorry for them !

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