Why drive ? take your car with you.

Might have to change the name of the blog to 300posters at this rate, have been a little lazy of late

Lots of posters from the 50s and 60s advertise services which are a little outdated to today’s eyes, others are slightly futuristic in nature, Today I am posting a couple of examples for one of the latter

Take your car Bromfield and Lander
Take your car Bromfield and Lander

They are for different elements of the same service. The London one is a little mind blowing, so is this how it would work ? I rock up to my local station (Derby), drive onto the platform, load in a couple of minutes Eurostar style. Kick back with a newspaper and a coffee. Get to St Pancrass, roll out into the busy London traffic waving to the taxi queue as I go ?

The other service seems extremely sensible, having experienced many an unhappy hour queuing around Bodmin it makes perfect sense and perhaps should be reinvented. Car Hire firms might have something to say about that though. (mental note : blog Car Hire posters)

Also interesting how our two poster heroes tackle the subject. Bromfield goes extremely basic, even going to the extent of using an arrow to illustrate the point. Lander is altogether more cosy pipe and slippers

Both posters will be for sale shortly on Ebay

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