Discovering Clarke Hutton

One of the joys of this job and graphic art in general is the continual discovery of new artists, genres and subjects.

So imagine my joy on attending a Monday morning Antique Fair. (I know, off this week and keen to explore) and rummaging a round to find some old educational posters.

Now educational posters can be mundane at the best of times. so many Janet and John or coffee harvests particularly from the MacMillan stable. However the Banyard Press shows sign of quality on this Oxford Educational Lithograph.

Closer inspection reveals a neat 1950 representation of A Garden City

Clarke Hutton Garden City
Clarke Hutton Garden City

So I have now discovered a new artist and on further inspection a new Genre : British Modernism. Will this ever end ? So I have now segued into the world of  Ravilious and Nash

In the meantime it seems that Hutton is particularly famous for his architecture and brave new world graphics (reminds me of my recent Russian post)

Here’s another from the same period


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