British Seaside : East Coast Glory

Just returned from a camping expedition to Robin Hoods Bay so thought I would see if it featured and was amazed to find at least 4 railway posters for this small what can only be called village just south of Whitby.

As usual we have two very different takes on the same subject.

The first is Frank Sherwin who paints it as he sees it (with a nice touch of colour)


The second is a more stylised version and viewpoint from the hero of our first blog : Tom Purvis


In the poster book ‘Happy Holidays’ the Purvis poster is singled out as bearing favourable comparison with some of the great posters of the era by the likes of Cassandre .

According to t’web its Railway station has been closed since 1964 and there certainly is a feeling of faded glory about the place. The fact that the two posters depict an enticing sunshine vista is no surprise, the locals we spoke said it can get ‘bloody cold’ and being windswept is pretty much guaranteed.

Onwards to Whitby then : I could dig out some similar jaunty seaside posters but couldn’t resist moving into a different genre. Is the connection between Whitby and Drac something to do with keeping warm at night ?


Does anyone know of any other towns closely associated with a Horror character ?

Talking of high Gothic drama, I think tomorrow we will visit some posters of the seaside that may have something more in common with the Italian Renaissance.

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