Flamingos : Why not

Back from the seaside now, traditional fare will have to wait for now although today’s subject does have a connection.

I posted an attempts at a Stork poster the other day, perhaps not the most glamorous subject

Today has been all about flamingos, first my daughters t shirt and then the fantastic flamingo character Featherstone  in Gnomeo and Juliet.


So I searched Flamingo posters, not too surprisingly Florida features large. Having lived on the Georgia coast for a while there are few more visual sites in the world than a flock of flamingos in the Florida glades.

My first poster today is from the late 1950’s


I can’t locate the artist for this one at the moment but wouldn’t be surprised if its David Klein. The next from the early 1970s definitely is a Klein


Rail travel in the US lacks the glamour of that in the UK, primarily because the car has always been king.

Moving back to our search for a mid century American poster hero, Klein is it ! The best of his work is unbelievable and even more so when you consider that he had a whole country of competition, imagine the most effective American travel posters and chances are they will be by Klein.

Anyway over to some Yorkshire delights for tomorrow’s posts.

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