Bicycle, Raleigh, Lion vs Boy 1950


You’ve got to admire this sequel poster. the lion prefers the bike to its human meal

Bicycles have always been great subjects for posters, pre and post war British brands of the ilk of Rudge Raleigh and Swift with an even larger number of Continental counterparts

I guess this genre is Advertising, generally this kind of poster is less valuable than its Travel and Transport counterparts. One reason is that with some notable exceptions, the majority are anonymous (like this one)

The message is often more important than the art behind it.

The majority of travel posters are signed but also identifiable to a ‘season’, sizes tend to conform to a standard 30 by 20 or 40 by 25 inches with pure advertising posters coming in numerous sizes often too large to display in the home.

Original posters by recognised artists for example John Hassall for Colemans are out there but there have been so many reprints over the years that it is almost impossible to identify an original.

Advertising as a genre is still vibrant and there are great modern examples particularly for luxury brands.

There is one for Ted Baker in my daughters room right now.

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