Window on the World : Planispheres


1950 Planisphere by Lucien Boucher

From the 30’s to the 50’s the Planisphere was a highly decorative method of showing airline routes.

A wonderful balance of aircraft and country identities on the inside : from bears to snake charmers. Together with extravagant borders. The depiction of African and Asian subjects may seem non pc from today’s viewpoint.

Speaking of National stereotypes, there is a sense of French Imperialism coming through here.

I think there is a companion celestial map to go with the Planisphere : Celesphere ?

A note of caution, the planisphere comes in two sizes, the smaller ones retail at around $200 while the larger ones are around $800 so remember to ask !!

Its a wonderful night outside tonight, time for some stargazing ?

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