The French are coming ! Lucien Boucher


Today’s post is also from the 1930’s, some would say the Golden Age of poster design. It also comes from one of the greatest poster sponsors of all time : Air France.

It features two other key features in the history of posters : a travel theme and aeroplanes.

None of the above, interesting though it may be is the reason for the post. It’s what the subject is holding, more will be revealed tomorrow.

Talking about Golden Ages

A flight from London to Brisbane, Australia, for instance, (the longest route available in 1938) took 11 days and included over two dozen scheduled stops.

Croydon-Paris-Lyons-Rome-Brindidsi-Athens-Alexandria-Cairo where it followed the normal route to Karachi then onwards to Jodhpur-Delhi-Calcutta-Akyab-Rangoon-Bangkok-Prachuab-Alor Star-Singapore-Palembang-Batavia-Sourabaya-Bima-Koepang-Bathurst Island-Darwin-Newcastle Waters-Camooweal-Cloncurry-Longreach-Roma-Toowoomba reaching Eagle Farm, Brisbane on 23 June

One wonders how they ever made it !

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