John Stockle Archive, tribute to speed, variety and longevity

We recently acquired some fascinating items from the archive of John Stockle

Film posters are a genre that we usually give a wide berth to, the reason why I will get into another time.

There are hundreds of great artists that have inhabited this design space form Saul Bass down.

In Britain, arguably the pinnacle was with the Ealing Comedies of the 1940s and 1950s with designs by such poster artists covered elsewhere in the blog; Edward Bawden, Manfred Reiss & Reginald Mount.

John Stockle was a leading light in the movie poster design industry from the 1950s to the 1980s

He was renowned for quick turn around cut and paste concept design. Sometimes for the US Industry but more often for the British Industry and adapting existing designs for the UK market.

The variety of genres is breath taking; from Horror to Disney

4 poster design concepts for Young Doctors in Love by John Stockle


Two poster designs for Its Trad Dad by John Stockle


Group of letters relating to the work of John Stockle


Advertising designs by Stockle for In House film magazines


Small poster for Film Review Magazine

Approx 12 by 8 inches


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