Whilst Broders, Purvis and Newbould may take the artistic plaudits, Fred Taylor is not far behind.

In terms of output though Newbould was prolific, Taylors output is super human.

Brief Bio from LT website

Fred Taylor was one of Britain’s foremost poster artists from 1908 to the 1940s. Able to turn his hand to most subjects, Taylor was best known for his posters of buildings and architecture. His main clients included the Underground (later London Transport) and the Empire Marketing Board, as well as railway and shipping companies. He was also a decorative painter, exhibiting regularly at the Royal Academy.

So here’s the thing, A Royal Academician, educated at Julian and Goldsmiths best known for painting buildings : perhaps so but he could do a hell of a figure and portrait.

Take this early example

Fred Taylor Scarborough Fred Taylor Scarborough

And then towards the end of his career he created this stunning…

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