In the last couple of days I featured information on new advertising campaigns by British Railway company GWR and New Yorker magazine. This got me to thinking about a pet subject which is why (often) are contemporary commercial graphics unsigned.

The answer is that now indispensable ‘creative’ who wants to be the star of the show : the Art Director.

As a comic aside, I found myself working in such a set up for a well known UK retailer in the 1990’s developing such iconic designs as the ‘Moo Shed’ and the ‘Garden Gang’ : more on that another time.

What I did learn from that experience is how uber competitive it can be to be the one that ‘lands the concept’ and ‘pitches the campaign’ . Very little room for a talented artist to be heard under these circumstances.

The history bit:  Pre WW2, American corporations began to take…

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