Swann Auction May 2018 Highlights part 2

Its a mammoth auction, still didnt get into the post war section so will go back for a third sitting later.

The middle section has some scarce rarities and designs to make you drool !


Swann May 2018 6Swann May 2018 7

First up we have an early Francis Bernard and a late Cassandre. The Arts Menagers poster is pre war and in a larger format than his others, There are many posters for the Foire de Paris that are mediocre, who knew there was one by the Master himself ?


Swann May 2018 8

$30,000 estimate on this Lupot, a rare design with eyes to give you the shivers, possibly not for anyone with a young family!

Swann May 2018 9

….. another in the long line of Orange themed posters


Swann May 2018 10

An Abram Games that I haven’t seen before, again a bit on the scary side but also a great image.


We always associate Mcknight Kauffer’s American period with American Airways but these two rarities show some other rather great stuff.

Swann May 2018 11

Swann May 2018 12

The final one has got to be one of his cutest designs and links in well with the current ‘Greatest Showman’ trend. I am still recovering from the singalong experience ……

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