Only managed to get half way through the catalogue in the first sitting but lots of talking points. First of all, because Posters have been removed from the title we are treated to a few new item categories : Fortune covers which I have featured before, and oil cans which errr.. I haven’t.

SwannMay 18.PNG


Swann May 2018 1

Star of the show is this legendary poster by Man Ray, if it hits top estimate it could be a record for an LT poster.

Swan May 18 2.PNG

Just a couple of pages away from the Man Ray master piece is this more mundane effort, there are a few of these behind the scenes posters in the series and they have never sold that well in the UK, maybe it will do better on the other side of the pond.


Swann May 2018 3

The next item that I noticed was this poster by Hooper Rowe (for a short time BP went up against the Shell series)

This poster is of personal significance as I once owned it this exact poster. It has a few miles on it as it came to me from the USA and was restored in New Zealand! Still have a soft spot for the poster and the wonderfully named artist : Hooper Rowe.

Swann May 2018 4

Finally for this half of the sale my eyes are drawn to this beauty ; there was a wonderful period in the 1930s when a number of international artists did some amazing work for Southern Railways. This time the artist is Lajos Marton : a Hungarian contracted to the DAM agency in Paris. If I had the opportunity (and was outbid on the Man Ray), this is the one that I would go for.

Swann May 2018 5

So for me the Graphic Design twist on the sale is a hit, although so far the 1920s and 1930s are still preeminent, lets see if other decades feature strongly in the second half.