Woodstock generated a classic poster (and notes to avoid buying a fake)



Genuine 18″ x 24″ Woodstock posters all have a small black vertical stripping line in the upper left corner, about 1″ from the edge that is the remmnant of the printers “bullseye”. In addition, there is no dot screen pattern in the orange areas while virtually every fake has a pronounced dot pattern in these areas. These posters were printed on fairly thick, glossy stock and are much scarcer than the larger version.

Genuine 24″ x 36″ Woodstock posters all have the following hallmarks:

1. On the inside edge of the right hand stem of the “M” in “MUSIC,” where the stem makes a 45-degree angle back to the left, there is a tiny dot just inside the white ink;

2. There is a white speck to the left of the finger closest to the left edge. This speck is one inch up from the bottom of the blue band, and is approximately ⅛″ from the left edge of the poster; and

3. There is a tiny white dot in the top stem of the “3.” It is roughly in the middle of the orange ink, and is ⅜ from the left edge of the “3.” This can be very difficult to see and may require magnification.


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