If we take aside Otl Aicher’s photo posters which are clearly genius (and come in two sizes as discovered recently) , the graphic posters from the 1972 Olympics have stood out like  a beacon for 45 years. Allan Jones, David Hockney et al were at the very top of their profession at that time

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Then along came the London 2012 offerings

Again artists at the top of their field : you could argue that the Pop Art bubble was less buoyant by then but Tracey Emin and Howard Hodgkin still fantastic artists.

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It feels to me that the London posters are increasing in credibility as the years go by and maybe in 20 years time will be held in equal esteem to their 1970s forebarers

Anyway we are making a splash in adding this Anthea Hamilton example to our shop … hope you like it

London 2012 diver.PNG