Over 400 poster blogs in and not a mention of one of probably Britain’s premier Graphic artist of all time : John Piper. I nearly got there with my Bloomsbury post but not quite.

Well for one he didn’t do that many advertising posters, there was always a much complained about divide between Commercial and Fine art and for the most part he stayed on the top side.

In fact I could only find two pure ‘posters’, does anyone know of more?

John Piper 1John Piper 2

He certainly did nothing for the Railways or London Transport.

There are enough exhibition flyers to fill a well stuffed portfolio .. but that’s another post entirely.

There are some excellent wartime film posters including this which may qualify for a ‘least text on a movie poster’ title

John Piper 3

And to prove that he himself was a master typographer some book covers not least for his beloved Curwen Press with whom he is synonimous

John Piper 4.PNG


His work is currently on show at Tate Liverpool …… I need to go… now!

via John Piper – Exhibition at Tate Liverpool | Tate