British Empire montage.PNG

Some of the greatest British poster artists of all time : and some of my favourites were responsible for the outpouring of artistic talent associated with this celebration of the ‘red’ part of the globe.

Near the top in terms of quality is this set combining great nostalgia with high art values from Gerald Spencer Pryse

British Empire Spencer Pryse.PNG

I once owned a fragile version of the fisherman poster (middle bottom) but it crumbled away somewhere in America.

There were a couple of fantastic maps (still available at reasonable prices) some funky brochures (more tea anyone)

Brititish Empire India.PNG

As well as at least 4 ‘pavilion’ posters showcasing the various areas of the showground (was Disney taking note ?) by the delightfully named Ernest Coffin.

British Empire poster Coffin.PNG

All that before we get to these standouts by Harold Sandys Williamson and Nevinson

British Empire Taylor and Williamson.PNG

And that is just scratching the surface : pass the Port I’m exhausted!