Van Sabben Turns 50

Dutch poster specialists Van Sabben are out to celebrate their 50th Auction in style!

The lush catalogue landed through my door this week, its backed up by an excellent on line catalogue and even a poster to celebrate the occasion.

Its a heady mix of exotic  early C20th European posters and 1930s classics.

Any auction must be OK if it features this poster :

Van Sabben 1.PNG

Louis C Kalff  2000 to 3000 EUR

Another favourite is this one (of several other sporting posters)

Van Sabben 2.PNG

Henry Czarnecki 750 to 1200 Euro

Van Sabben 3.PNG

Skiing semi naked anyone : has to be Leupin and a snip at 350 EUR

Finally for this post : a lovely English poster from 1930

Van Sabben 4.PNG

Nicoll Gordon 1200 to 2000 EUR

I am always intrigued : was Felixstowe ever so grand and what happened to the Felix ?

Felix Hotel.PNG

Harvest House.jpg

Harvest House as it is today



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