The case of the lost Dora Batty

The current interest in our esteemed British poster girls brings back a painful memory :

It was about 3 and a half years ago; at the time it was possible to buy a 1930s London Transport poster for around £100, I snagged a few at that time including this pair of fabulous Tom Eckersley’s


There were a number of posters around the house, I didn’t keep my posters in great order and they tended to lie around in tubes to occasional confusion. Now they are stored properly…. honest.

6 months passed in this messy but happy state until one morning I woke up in a sweat exclaiming ‘what happened to the Dora Batty?’

Time for a frenzied bout of Spring cleaning

Posters in and out of tubes, cats sitting on posters, dogs trying to wee on posters, creases and rips from children and livestock a constant threat

No Batty

That was 3 years ago, I am always checking in tubes and drawers and under beds… nothing.

It could be there, hidden in some corner but a more likely scenario i fear ….. I vaguely remember my broken down car being towed away to the scrapheap with some things still in the boot.

Is my Batty crushed or has someone recycled it …. I need closure !

Tomorrow we will go into the equally exciting case of Tom Purvis’s missing bottom! …. I bet you can’t wait.

Dora Batty lost

                                                         The much missed poster




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