Poster Trends

I’ve got 30 minutes to myself and its time to reflect on the two years of the blog

What topics have been popular over that period ? Well you’d be surprised.

The most popular single post is titled Bicycle, Raleigh, Lion vs Boy 1950 and I genuinely have no idea why ? I guess a fun story goes a long way.

Raleigh Lion vs Boy.jpg

Another surprisingly popular entry is the one Ken Bromfield

Here’s and absolute favourite

Bromfield 1


Herbert Leupin is also high in the charts, its no surprise the guy was a genius

Herbert Leupin montage.PNG

As far as tags are concerned : London Transport seems to be top : rightly so, its got the best back catalogue by the best artists, has the best Museum and make a great effort to promote new talent and has Eddie the night monkey !


An Honourable mention needs to go to to the new Postal Museum which is doing a great job showcasing the back catalogue

Bronfield 2

Its that man Bromfield again!

and of course the Shell collection which you could argue in even finer than LT’s

Shell Mozely

I’ll let you duke that one out but safe to say, the UK takes some beating as a home of poster art!


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