Fairground posters : a theme emerges

I am sitting here on my own at Alton Towers chaperoning a group of teenage girls.  I am supposed to be watching them (they ditched me in the first 10 minutes).

By the way : The Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ride is being knocked down : which is a shame.

So some guardian I am. However it did give me an idea for a blog on thrill seeking posters.

Alton Towers grew up from a country house which still houses the Hex ride today. There weren’t many thrills to be had in the railway age so I can only find this one sombre example (the gardens are still here though and rather good)

Alton Towers poster 2.PNG

In modern times there are a plethora of throw away posters never destined to be on anyone’s wall

Alton Towers poster.PNG

Going back in time all fairground stories seem to start at Coney Island

Coney island.PNG

That last one in particularly resonates : Greetings from Asbury Park anyone ?

The UK’s own Blackpool though gives the US a run for its money though

Blackpool 1.PNG

The first poster is by Septimus Scott who is one of my favourite poster artists. I love the way the image is unstaged but still appealing. Compare with image 4 (what is going on there ?)

And then some more :

Blackpool 2.PNG

Blackpool’s promenades have been renewed again in recent times

In fact I have come across several very good Blackpool posters

Blackpool 3

This one is listed as Anonymous but looks very much like Daphne Padden to me

Blackpool 4

This slightly disturbing image also seems to be anonymous : whats happening here, are the artists ashamed of a Blackpool association


Blackpool 5

Finally one that is attributed : Mr Games strikes again.

Now where have those little blighters gone ? ………

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