Empire Marketing Board : Tobacco and Steel

Subject of a 2012 Exhibition in Manchester referred here

In Translation

Hosted no doubt partially due to the far sighted nature of acquiring 222 examples in 1932. I missed the exhibition but am working on getting a look somehow.

For me there are 2 genres of EMB posters

  1. Showcasing the product

Empire 1.PNG

(I absolutely love the border in this one)

Empire 2

FC Harrison : Making the Empire Christmas pussing

2. Showcasing the places

Empire 3.PNG

Like this wonder from one of my favourite artists : Gregory Brown

And of Course any review of the thirties wouldn’t be complete without the obligatory ‘bit of Frank’

Empire 4.PNG

Our current offering extolling the benefits of milk is by the renowned children’s artist J H Dowd : Here’s a health unto His Majesty was a patriotic song of the time. ‘Why is the baby holding a stomach ?’ asked my wife. Words fail me !


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