The Picasso of posters : Picasso

Taking a trip down memory lane for this one, I distinctly remember getting very lost and I mean very on a trip to the Tate Liverpool to see this fine exhibition in 2010

Pablo Picasso Still Life with Skull, Leeks and Pitcher 14 March 1945

Join us for Picasso: Peace and Freedom – a major exhibition bringing together over 150 works by Picasso from across the world.

Presented at Tate Liverpool from 21 May to 30 August 2010; this exhibition reveals a fascinating new insight into the artist’s life as a tireless political activist and campaigner for peace, challenging the widely held view of Picasso as creative genius, playboy and compulsive extrovert.

This is the first exhibition to examine in depth the artist’s engagement with politics and the Peace Movement, and will reflect a new Picasso for a new time. The exhibition provides a timely look at Picasso’s work in the Cold War era and how the artist transcended the ideological and aesthetic oppositions of East and West.

But did he do posters ?

Well there is a book about it

Picasso poster book.PNG

Here’s one

Picasso 1

And here’s another.

Picasso 2.jpg

My interest was piqued, could there be something like this available to see in the UK ?

The answer : a resounding yes, a chance trip into the Birmingham art gallery and there it was : the Picasso of posters ! I rest my case.


By the way its a lino cut. I’ve just been laying lino in the kitchen so …… watch this space


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