Interesting British Industries Fair. Original design 1932

Going for sale tomorrow this original gouache 30 by 20


The BIF were looking for more ‘modern’ design in 1932. Thus was one of the attempts. The commission went to Tom Purvis abd the rest is history. We still have a Purvis ftom 1933 fir sale at an excellent price.

2 thoughts on “Interesting British Industries Fair. Original design 1932”

  1. One of these was up for auction last week at Epping. I believe this design was placed 3rd in the poster design competition which was wo n by Purvis as you mention

  2. Thanks Tim

    Good spot : this is indeed that poster.

    I mentioned before about poster competitions in the early thirties. See zoo poster and Doctor Brighton posts. It seems a great thing to be involved with but was it also a device to keep fees in check ?

    Who knows ?

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