Harry Stevens : Long arms and brollies

Newsflash : to interrupt my Flintstones style snack.

I forgot (its been a week of forgetfulness) to post about a British hero that I have overlooked. Its time to set the record straight and say that Harry Stevens may have been the best British graphic designer from the period 1965 to 1975.

His style was quirky yes but encapsulated the craziness of the times perhaps better than any other designer.

This era was also the period of the bus and it shows in Steven’s designs which were often in unusual sizes to suit this mode.

Stevens smokers

Stevens long arm.PNG

Stevens brolly

I would love to hear your views on this particular king of quirk

Update :

This post has certainly got you talking, attached is some input from James;  a poster enthusiast

Stevens was one of the first artists I encountered when I began collecting posters.  His artwork is bright, simple and fun, and it had the added advantage of being available and relatively affordable.
His work covers the period up to the early eighties where in house artists  were being phased out and replaced by photographic designs and content.  He’s the last LT artist of note that I’m aware of.  
One of the other benefits of collecting Stevens has been that he is not as well documented as other designers/artists and therefore you still discover new posters from time to time; both in LT literature with his distinctive cartoon like figures and further afield in work for other companies/industries.  


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