Artist Partners : Quite a roster!

Artist Partners – A Brief History 1951-2000

Screenshot 2016-05-15 14.46.59In 1950 G. Donovan Candler left a major London based artist’s agency to set up in business with L.A. RixBetty Luton WhiteJohn Barker and the designer Reg Mount. They did not solicit the representation of those artists, designers and photographers whom they had previously represented, but were nevertheless, inundated with requests from many of them for representation, and so in two rooms in Lower John Street, Soho, Artist Partnerswas founded.

Within three years the business had expanded to represent some fifty artists, designers, and photographers, and had moved to premises occupying three floors in a prestigious building in Dover Street, Mayfair.

Artists, and designers at this time included several who had already made their reputations on the war front, designing posters and information material – Reg MountPatrick TilleyTom Eckersley and internationally famous Andre Francois and Hans Unger. Great fashion artists of the calibre of Aubrey RixAlistair Michie and Beryl Hartlandwere represented. Figure artists who led the way during that era such as Susan EinzigHarry HantsKen Wynnand Ben Ostrick worked across all fields of publishing and advertising both commercial and institutional, from small but brilliant drawings for the Radio Times to huge advertising campaigns and sixteen sheet posters.

This was an excellent era for the creative people as post war markets expanded and their skills were recognised as tools to advance the economy. The work of many AP artists was used at the 1951 Festival of Britain.

reg Mount Festival of Britain

Reginald Mount Festival of Britain

Things were done in style with drinks parties every Friday evening at AP making it possible for artists and clients to consolidate commissions over supper or at the Studio Club later in the evening.

By the early 1960’s the company’s reputation had grown and the AP list now included Jak the cartoonist and Michael Leonard – then a figurative artist. Designers of international repute came to be represented by AP in Britain and on the continent. They included Saul BassGeorge HimPatrick TilleyHerbert LeupinSavignac and Topolski. Photographers such as Zoltan Glass and Adrian Flowers made their reputations through the agency. AP offered expertise in every area of illustration, design and photography.

Patrick Tilley Montage.PNG

Patrick Tilley montage

Artist Partners are still alive and well, they have a great blog on tumblr.

One of their current artists is Suzanne Carpenter

Her stuff is rather fine !

Suzanne Carpenter 1Suzanne Carpenter 2Suzanne Carpenter 3

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