GPO Posters, review and Sale

GPO posters is a massive subject and can’t easily be summarised in one blog

A lot of information can be gleaned from the recently rehoused archive

I’ve not been yest but it looks awesome

Postal Museum.PNG

Postal Museum 2

Or their bog (which stopped in 2015)

So check out those sites

Most of the great mid century artists have contributed along with a number of very good ones

Pieter Huveneers springs to mind (sadly he passed away in June)

Huveneers GPO montage

Another one is Karo

Karo GPO

Then there is this delightful effort bu Lewitt – Him

GPO Lewit him.jpg

I could go on !!

A lot of the material is ‘Nanny State’ : pack correctly, don’t be late, address correctly etc. Some of the advise is slightly bizarre which gives me an excuse to show this one again

GPO letter box

The value of these posters varies wildly, this is mainly due to the saturation of small lots being sold at each Onslow’s auction. The supply seems endless : just look at their catalogue archives !!

Now to the Sales pitch :

These items going on sale shortly, I have decided to mix in some repros with the original stuff this time (hope you don’t mind!!)

These are the originals

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