Sometimes size matters

Kauffer 2 sheet

The poster above sold at Christies for £32,450

I have blogged before about how posters are sometimes too big and how few big posters survive intact (quite a few survive with pieces missing). There is often the simple task of displaying them well.

As always there are exceptions, one of the best and most famous British posters of all time is Kauffer’s  Daily Herald Flight poster : Soaring to Success.

Not only was this poster an inspiration for dozens of logos that followed but also ‘With his Vorticist-inspired woodcut of a flight of birds adapted as a poster for the Daily Herald, Kauffer introduced an eclectic avant-garde tendency into British Graphic Design’ (quote from Eye magazine)

Also the poster paid a larger part in relaunching the Labour Party cause after WW1, how it compares with some of the protesting Morning Star and Socialist Worker posters of my youth !! (clue:  not favourably)

The original poster was a two sheet affair at a whopping 79 by 60 inches. Not surprisingly few survive.

When the HMSO partnered with UDO graphics in the early 60s, a limited run of scaled down posters was produced in tribute to the master, we have one for sale. At least this one will fit on your wall!

Kauffer Daily Herald






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