Swann Results ; Dostoyevsky and Blyton

It proved to be a very strong sale with very few lots being passed

Of those posters featured in the blog

Games ATS  $6500 (amazing)

Keep Calm and Carry on $15000 (Really!)

Stripes no stars $2000

Isle of Adam $293 (value!)

BOAC dogs $750

Boucher Zodiac Planisphere (more to come on this one) $750

Padden Paris $390 (not one of her finest) $390

Zero salad $1188

To finish off, forgot to mention this fine and unknown (to me ) GPO poster which went for a quite high $875

Swann GPO

I don’t know about you but I’ve been telegraph less for some time !

The artist is Donia Nachshen, this is what Wiki has to say

During World War Two, Nachshen produced poster designs for a number of high-profile campaigns, notably the Make Do and Mend campaign run by the Board of Trade and also Telegraph Less for the General Post Office. She continued with her book illustration work during the War, producing designs for versions of Diary of a Madman by Nikolai Gogol and a 1945 collection of short stories by Feodor Dostoyevsky as well as books by Enid Blyton. After the War, Nachshen lived in London and continued to illustrate Russian novels and poetry, mainly for the publishers Constable & Co and also for the Lindsay Drummond company.[1]


Dostoyevsky and Blyton !!! a tale of the unexpected


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