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A recent tweet got me thinking about this image : I could have sworn it was Kauffer but in fact its Carlu

Carlu 1

I found this information on the tremendously informative Cooper Hewitt site

This is a poster. It was designed by Jean Carlu and printed by U. S. Government Printing Office and published by Office of Emergency Management. It is dated 1942. Its medium is offset lithograph on paper. It is a part of the Drawings, Prints, and Graphic Design department.

Commissioned by the Division of Information, Office for Emergency Management in 1942, the America’s Answer! Production poster was designed by French émigré Jean Carlu. The striking propaganda poster was intended to inspire and invigorate the American population in the midst of World War II. For his design, Carlu employed many of the tools of composition that had been inherited through his modernist training in Europe and collaboration with fellow French graphic artist A.M. Cassandre. The use of isolated objects, bold typography and vertical layout helped to produce strong, aggressive images. In this poster, the symbol of a glove, wrench, and bolt communicated the equal value of factory work in supporting the American offensive across the ocean. Here, Carlu symbolically equates tools with weapons. The integration of typography with imagery – in this case: the bolt and wrench formed the ‘O’ of production – was a ploy Carlu continued to use throughout his career.

Along with this , which actually is a Kauffer, though its new to me, donated to the Cooper by Kauffer’s wife which is a nice touch

Kauffer ww2

The Carlu also reminds me of this chilling poster from the 30s a scruffy version of which a used to own but sadly no more !

Carlu 2




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