Lido Life and Dismal Death

The start of the school holidays  : a great time to be alive. The intention of this blog was to show the Railway posters of the time and compare with the current reality. What i uncovered was a little out of the ordinary


Weston Lido

weston lido3

Now that’s what I call a diving board!

The Lido: branded Tropicana ….. drinks are free, closed in 2000 and became derelict.

Weston Lido2

The next chapter you just couldn’t predict but shows the circular nature of this art business.

The lido was reopened in 2015 as Dismaland, an installation by the artist Banksy

Dubbed on their promotional poster as the “UK’s most disappointing new visitor attraction”, it still brought lots of visitors from the rest of the UK to come flocking in the hopes of being one of the thousands to get into the park. Apparently the Ticket System was part of the dismal experience too!

Security staff are unpleasant enough to remind all visitors that there’s ‘no smiling, no laughing – you’re not here to have fun’

Truth stranger than fiction !


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