Cliff and Rose from the artists studio

Took a look at the Onslows catalogue today and realised that it has already happened!

The catalogue was certainly lifted by some well known and less celebrated examples by this dynamic duo

These two GPO posters are mind blowing :

The first one seems contrary to what I tell my daughter every hour at the moment. ‘Why are you on the telephone ?’

Onslows C&R Ellis.PNGEstimate £400 to £500 from 1935 (its that year again)

This one’s message is a little mixed up but the poster is divine!


Onslows C&R Ellis2.PNG

This one was estimated at £800 to £1200 and from the magic year again.

The gem though is this set, has a bunch of bread and cheese ever looked so appealing ?

Onslows C&R Ellis3.PNG


The two GPO posters came in at £350 and £850 which is almost bang on estimate

The set of 5 Empire posters went for £2550 which is still pretty good, how would you display them ?

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