Eric Fraser Posters

Back to the subject of the morning Mr Frasers gems.

This was the first example that i came across and i have to say i was underwhelmed! Its also fairly low on the railwayana buffs hit list.

Fraser Bath.PNG

I think what is happening here is the lower graphic takes attention from the nice drawing above, and its a period piece which is slightly out of context. Also struggling for context is this speciemen

Fraser poster 2.PNG

You may well ask what’s going on ?

Then I found this which may be true but a bit self promoting

Fraser poster 3.PNG

i love the work of this guy but i’m confused …..think i need a lie down

Onwards to Rivendell!

I have got my head back and found this very pleasing example in the recent Onslows sale

This man really can do everything !

Eric Fraser poster.PNG

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