Eric Fraser can do everything

According to his rather skimpy wikipedia page

Eric George Fraser (11 June 1902 – 15 November 1983) was a British illustrator and graphic artist. He was famous in the public mind for contributions to the Radio Times, and as the creator in 1931 of ‘Mr Therm’ in adverts for the Gas Light and Coke Company.

Fraser illustrated scenes from mythology, such as Beowulf fighting the dragon. With pen and ink he illustrated legendary scenes and several works of Shakespeare. Many of the drawings for the jackets designed in the 1960s for the Everyman’s Library series (published by J. M. Dent & Sons Ltd in Britain and E. P. Dutton in America) were executed by Fraser. He also illustrated J. R. R. Tolkien‘s books, such as the Folio Society edition of The Lord of the Rings in 1977.

He should be a national treasure but for some reason he has been cast to the margins

There are four posts to write, Posters, Radio Times, LOTR and book covers. As he is in the margins lets start with book covers.

My current interest in Fraser started when I was drawn to this book cover

Fraser book cover 2

Its a powerful image, No Quarter would have to be amazing to match that cover.

I then found these two

The guy certainly had an imagination

Seems it would take a lifetime to keep up with this guys prolific output, just a quick browse through Ebay reveals these two dare I say not so dramatic examples

Eric Fraser book cover 4

I think its fair to say that this Briton had talent and I cant wait to find out more

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