Updating of old images : Hokusai

I got a t shirt for Fathers Day, the image was very familiar, I knew it was Japanese but what was the name of the artist? after scratching my head for a few seconds it came to me and a quick google later I came to this amazing coincidence


Japanese wave

I guess you could say this is the original poster even though its from the early 19th century and the British Museum are currently showcasing Hokusai’s many and amazing talents.

Of course the striking image was only possible due to the ahead of its time wood block printing process : another blog here I think. Also interesting to note that the material in the exhibition is being rotated due to light sensitivity reasons. I guess you wouldn’t want a masterpiece being sun washed in our current UK balmy conditions.

Now back to the t shirt in question, turns out there are hundreds of versions of the Hokusai image on the market, on closer inspection though this is a slightly stylized version. Anything to get round those pesky 19th Century copy write laws.


So what other poster images have been used in this way : yet another mission to find out.

In ending I would like to refer website : beast in show https://beastinshow.com/. Please take a  look at their mind blowing graphical merchandise


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