Chicago Fair Revisited

I have wondered in this blog about the lack of classic American poster art from the 1930s.

I keep coming back to these wonderful Worlds Fair posters.

Absolutely fantastic !

Chicago Fair Pursell
Worlds Fair Pursell 1933

We have already looked at Weimer Pursell before in the blog, what did he do apart from these mega posters ?

How about this for a contrast by the same artist ?

Pursell Hitler

I would share a lift tomorrow based on this message !!

Another Chicago poster is referred here

Chicago Fair Sandor
Chicago Fair Sandor

‘Sandor’ was a pseudonym for Raymond A Katz. Swan give it a typically flowery description.

In a burst of neon yellow, orange, green and blue, a signpost is marking off different aspects of the fair against a blue background: the Skyride Tower and the Hall of Science and buildings from the foreign villages, all over a green globe. The Chicago World’s Fair marked the first time that neon lights were used extensively, and this poster reflects the novelty, energy and brightness of the many displays

As far as other work by Katz : I’m still looking !!

Nice link for more info about the Worlds Fair

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